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lottery tickets online

Buy Indiana Hoosier lottery tickets online easily


The extremely popular Indiana Hoosier lottery, is known to give you a healthy 1 in 6 chances of being a winner, with several prize tiers available and the reason why many people buy Indiana Hoosier lottery tickets online. The Indiana based lottery has had more than 100 lucky jackpot winners since it first commenced in 1995, and is one of the most popular lottery games in the entire United States.


The basic jackpot total that is up for grabs when you buy Indiana Hoosier lottery tickets online is $1 million, however should there not be a jackpot winner the prize is rolled over until some lucky ticket holder matches all numbers. With such large amounts often being rolled over there has been prizes of over $20 million up for grabs – hence why this is such as popular lotto game to play.


When playing this Indiana lotto, in order to win the full jackpot prize you will need to have matched a set of numbers which will be from 1 to 48, you should note that to make winning even easier there are no additional bonus numbers. In addition to matching all numbers, or the specific amount of numbers for each prize tier you must be over the age of 18 years old to play this lottery.


How to win when you buy Indiana Hoosier lottery tickets online


The Indiana Hoosier lotto draws are held two times a week on a Wednesday and Saturday, both of which will be drawn at 10:50pm. You can either select the 6 numbers in which you would like to play with on your own, or you can choose the quick pick option. The latter, is ideal for those who do not know which numbers they would like to select, and instead will have 6 random numbers selected automatically for them.


In total there are 6 prize levels, which are as follows: prize one, which is also known as the jackpot and will be won if you have an exact match of all six numbers; prize two is awarded when you have an exact match of 5 numbers; prize 3 is given if you have matched 4 numbers exactly; prize 4 is for those who have 3 numbers; and prize 5 is awarded when you have matched 2 of the Indiana Hoosier lotto numbers correctly.


You will also be able to increase your chances of winning a prize on this Indiana Hoosier lotto if you choose to play more than one set or line of numbers. This means that each draw you can have several lines of different numbers if you wish, thus giving you a greater chance of winning the million dollar jackpot prize.


What is more is you no longer need to hunt for the lottery results in your local store or newspaper, as playing online means the results as well as notification of any winnings, will be sent directly to you via email. If you have won an amount under $599, your winnings will be credited automatically to your account within 2-3 working days. If you have won more than this amount you will be sent instructions on how to collect your winnings.



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